Beautiful boats and ships

We design and build:
- classic wooden boats
- composite and plastic boats
- sailing boats and catamarans
- kayaks and canoes.

About Us

We design and manufacture:
- classic wooden boats,
- plywood boats,
- composite boats
- sailing boats and catamarans,
- kayaks and canoes


We also build serial models of boats

Wooden, plastic and composite boats

We build wooden and composite boats using classic technologies

Wooden, plastic and composite sailboats

Historic ships, boats for museums and exhibitions

We build wooden copies of old ships and boats

Kayaks and canoes made of wood, plywood or fiberglass

We build wooden and composite boats using classic technologies

Catamarans and trimarans made of wood, plywood or fiberglass

Any small displacement boats with dimensions up to 5 meters (weighing up to 300 kg).

Vessels with dimensions up to 7 meters and weight from 200 kg to 2000 kg (discussed individually)


Here you can see the working moments in our workshop

Wooden canoe building

We design and manufacture wooden canoes using classic Canadian strip technology. For canoes, we use only top quality wood. To make canoes, we need to prepare long strips of wood (more than 6000 mm). Wooden strips should not have large knots and other defects. For this reason, we have to carefully choose the material. A wooden canoe can be built either from solid strips or using a set of shorter strips. Building such a boat is a creative process. Each boat has a unique look.

Wooden boat building

Our boats are built according to classical technology, but modern materials are used to strengthen and seal the structure of the boat. The surface of the wood can be treated with epoxy resin, the seams are sealed with epoxy sealant. Also, the surface of the boat can be covered with fiberglass. When fiberglass is impregnated with epoxy resin, the surface of the coating becomes transparent. This coating allows you to see the texture and color of the wood.

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Monday - Friday: 10AM–6PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Moscow, Russia

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